PT Mikatasa Product Exhibition in Yogyakarta Big Success


The thoroughness of PT Mikatasa Agung’s preparations for this exhibition was evident. All the employees involved had been well trained to serve a variety of customers. The PT Mikatasa Agung stand made use of the company’s own products such as Rajawali PVAc glue, Super yellow glue, TAKA wall paint, Izykote Wood Coating and anti-leak Water Block, so that the spectators could see direct application of  PT Mikatasa Agung products. The beautiful design of the stand, using PT Mikatasa Agung products, made customers feel comfortable inside. “We really tried to make everything as perfect as possible, we did not want to disappoint the customers who had made time to visit our stand,” said Sutrisno, PT Mikatasa Agung Branch Manager for Semarang and Yogyakarta.

PT Mikatasa Agung’s thorough preparations, including images of its products which are known for their high quality, attracted droves of visitors from the first day of the exhibition. “I have used a lot of Mikatasa products for my projects because of their high quality and economical prices,” said Agus Cahyono, a project contractor. “TAKA Weatherseal spreads extremely well so that it is economical to use. Its weather resistance is also very good,” he added, as he bought five 20-liter pails of TAKA Weatherseal.

PT Mikatasa Agung Brand Manager Martin Hendriadi’s presentation on tips to create high quality handicraft products also took place successfully and was attended by many visitors. After the Q&A session, the visitors who attended the presentation immediately approached the PT Mikatasa Agung stand en masse to buy Izykote wood coating products. “Izykote’s products are indeed of high quality and I use them myself. I was really enthused to when I heard that Mikatasa came out with the practical Izykote Top Stain product and I was interested in trying it,” said Budiman, one of the craftsmen who bought Izykote Top Stain. Using Izykote Top Stain, the wood coating process required only a wood filter layer such as Izykote Wood Filter and an Izykote Top Stain layer without needing other products, thus saving time and money.

Many visitors were also attracted to the waterfall pool made from cardboard which was completely waterproofed using Water Block coating, which is available in different colors. “Water Block is the most popular anti-leak coating in my store and I also use it to coat the roof and walls of my house. If even cardboard doesn’t leak at all, I am sure that my roof and walls certainly won’t leak,” said Gunawan, a store owner who immediately bought five boxes of anti-leak Water Block. Water Block’s special formulation means it can be used not only on rooftops but also on bathroom floors, concrete walls, and the walls of houses. Laboratory tests have proven that Water Block anti-leak coating is more pliant and lasts longer than similar brands in the market.

Visitors continued to arrive and purchase various PT Mikatasa Agung products until the end of the exhibition. Not infrequently, the PT Mikatasa Agung stand ran out of inventory and additional staff had to be sent to bring more products from the company depot to the exhibition place or directly to the buyers’ addresses. “We are very happy to see such a positive response from the public towards our products,” said Martin. Customer satisfaction is indeed one of PT Mikatasa Agung’s missions. (AH)